Bay Area Softball Statistics

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Finding Your Team

    To find your Team and League statistics follow these 3 steps:
       1)  Click on the CITY your team plays in.
       2)  Click on the LEAGUE your team is in.
           *  The League Leaders Page will now show up
           ** To PRINT, Click on Print Toolbar icon above
       3)  Click on your TEAM
           *  The Last Weeks Game and Team Totals will now appear
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Stats You Can View and Print

       1)  League Leaders Page
       2)  From the League Leaders Page
            a) Click on The BATTING AVERAGE LEADERS
               (Top 40 Averages and OPS)
            b) Click on The HOME RUNS
               (Top 40 Home Run and Slugging Pct Leaders)
               Fast Pitch Leagues
               (Top 40 Home Run and Stolen Base Leaders)
            c) Click on The TRIPLES
               (Top 40 Triples and On Base Percent Leaders)
            d) Click on The DOUBLES
               (Top 40 Double and Single Leaders)
            e) Click on The WALKS
               (Top 40 Walk and Sacrifice Fly Leaders)
               Fast Pitch Leagues
               (Top 40 {Walk + Hit by Pitch} and {Sac Bunts + Sac Fly} Leaders)
            f) Click on The RUNS SCORED
               (Top 40 Runs Scored and Total Hit Leaders')
            g) Click on The RBI'S
               (Top 40 RBI's and Offensive MVP Leaders')
       3)  Team's Last Weeks Game and Totals